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Our Programs

Faultless programs are here to help empower youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand these complex realities and help foster social change within our communities. By learning how to be aware of things like grooming, sexual assault prevention, and how true healthy relationships work, we can help our children thrive.

Beyond education, we stand firm in our dedication to using our programs and resources to support survivors, understanding that the journey toward healing is deeply personal and unique for each individual. Through a blend of education, advocacy, and survivor support, we aspire to cultivate safer and more inclusive environments where every individual can thrive free from the threat of abuse and violence.

We firmly believe that by addressing these issues through our education and resources, we can take steps towards a safer and more inclusive society. Join us at Faultless as we work together to build a future where prevention, empowerment, and healing are fundamental pillars of our collective journey toward a better tomorrow. Together, we can make a difference and create a society where everyone feels safe, respected, and valued.

BE AWARE Program

Prevention Education for Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, Grooming, and Healthy Relationships

Rose Gold Survivor Empowerment Photo Sessions

For those who’ve experienced rape and recieved a rap kit from Montrose Memorial Hospital. Begin your healing process with a free empowerment photoshoot.

Middle Ground Education and Awareness

This program is an opportunity to discuss current local and national statistics, learn how to recognize signs of harassment, offer guidance on being a responsible bystander, and more.

One-of-a-Kind Events

Faultless hosts a number of events throughout the year to help raise funds for our outreach and education programs as well as support the victims of harassment and other forms of sexual abuse.

Our Sponsors

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