Making a Difference Starts with a Fearless Team

The Faultless Mission

One of the newest non-profits in the Valley is Faultless. Faultless is dedicated to protecting the children in our communities by working with public schools to add age-appropriate prevention education into the curriculum and bringing more awareness through youth-based programs, organizations, and events.

Faultless focuses on the importance of talking and being educated about body safety, digital safety, grooming, sex trafficking, sexual assault, cyberbullying, and mental health.

Faultless has also partnered up with the Dolphin House Advocacy Center to provide all survivors of abuse healing bundles of art to start their process of healing and is dedicated to changing laws that don’t do enough to protect children.

Our Team

We came together because of a local sexual assault situation. We found through our conversations that there are way too many of these situations happening in our community and surrounding areas. We wanted to start the conversations on consent, body safety, sex trafficking, sexual assault, cyber prevention, and mental health with our peers and community.

Our Faultless team has been meeting since October of 2021 and began canvassing in our community. We’ve been making logos, taglines, exploring new technology for use at our youth events and most importantly, raising awareness with their peers. If you would like to join us please use the contact form on our website.

We can’t wait to meet you!

P.S. If you are a high school student needing to do community service hours and love our mission, we are a registered 501-C3, and volunteering with us can get you your hours.

Meet our local Fearless Faultless teenagers that will inspire you to stand up, voice up and be fearless in the face of adversity.

Ayla Gross

My superpower is logical thinking.

Change needs to happen, and faultless is helping to input that movement into everyday life.

I think I can make an impact by supporting faultless and spreading awareness.

Paige Sharp



I want to advocate for Faultless because I believe all survivors should be heard, and I want to help them speak out.

I think I can make an impact by supporting organizations that help survivors.

Andrew Vanderweist

My superpower is that I am a tech wizard.

I want to be advocating for Faultless so I can help people.

I hope I can make an impact by helping bring people together in the world.

 Rachel Williams

My superpower is that I’m a motivational person, and I really like to look for ways to improve.

I want to advocate for Faultless because I believe in the cause, and I think it is a good way for me to turn something I’m passionate about into a real-world effort.

An impact I want to make through faultless is reaching out to people and letting them know that they’re not alone and being able to inspire others to help causes like this too.

Nicole Stone-Lankes

Chief Conservator (AKA Mama Bear)

I believe we are more than what we have survived. Coming from a family of molestation, sibling sexual abuse, and now my daughter, a survivor of sexual assault I’m determined to start this conversation, change the trajectory of these numbers and most importantly give our children the tools, knowledge, and voice to speak up and protect themselves from these societal issues.

“You’re more than just someone’s kid, no matter the age…. you’re my cub.”


Assistant Conservator

Hi I am Becca, some call me B, some call me Becca Bee! Anyway, I happened to be around the start of Faultless without even knowing! Now here I am, assistant conservator is what my cards say, and Nicole says I help in more ways than my title. I am currently planning a program for survivors to come forward, and enjoy a free 2 part photography session. The first part shows the thorns, left on them from the world, IE, how they feel the world perceives them as a survivor, or what they fear they are perceived as. Second part is them showing up as their favorite self, reclaimed and owned. Their own version. Outside of that, I take notes in meetings, help lead the youth and attend events such as SPARC and advocate for Faultless.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Jeremy Master (he/him/his)

Jeremy Master (he/him/his)

Board Member

Learn about Jeremy

Originally from New Jersey, Jeremy has been a parks and recreation administrator for over 10 years, having served 8 in Alaska, and 3 in Nevada prior to arriving on the Western Slope. He has dedicated his career to building community through the development of recreational programs, facilities, and events. Jeremy spends much of his free time on the trail or in the kitchen. He also enjoys traveling, photography, live music and arts, baseball, golf, and hockey.

Mandie Jue (she/her/hers)

Mandie Jue (she/her/hers)

Board Member

Learn about Mandie

Mid western girl! Bachelors in Economics from Westminster College. Eleven year career with Shell Oil Company as a business analyst, company representative and advisor to independent service station lessees in Chicago, New Orleans and Houston. Followed by a secondary career raising 2 children in the Chicago area. There I volunteered as a Cub Scout Den Leader, and board member of a nonprofit “Families Helping Families”. Relocated to Telluride in 2017, where I enjoy hiking, skiing, golfing, and live music.

Beverly McTigue (she/her/hers)

Beverly McTigue (she/her/hers)

Board Member

Learn about Beverly

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, trained in Family Therapy, at the University of Loyola, Chicago. In Chicago she was a therapist at New Trier High School’s Therapeutic School . In1989, she and her family moved to Telluride. There she started a private practice. In Telluride she was involved in the San Miguel Resource Center, in their grass root years, both as an advocate and board member and a Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) leader. In 1996, Bev and her husband began spending the winter in Scottsdale, Arizona. While there she was a volunteer Court Mediator and wrote and presented workshops,’ Intergenerational Relationships’ and ‘Mutually Respectful Relationships’. Bev and her husband have moved full-time to Montrose to be closer to their family in Telluride and Steamboat.

Meeting Notes and Documentation

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