Rose Gold Empowerment Photo Sessions

Rose Gold Empowerment Photo Sessions Is a program that provides photography sessions for survivors of traumatic experiences. It aims to help them redefine their identities beyond their experiences and embark on a healing journey that is personal and self-driven. The privacy and comfort of participants are given utmost importance. These photo sessions are done by Assistant Chief Conservator, Becca Pettis.

  • Survivors are given a safe space to shed their fears and insecurities, encouraging them to embrace their authentic selves.
  • The program accommodates individual preferences, whether they prefer to be outdoors or at home, and whether they want to wear their own clothes or choose from donated attire.
  • Survivors are supported during the challenging in-between phases of their healing process.
  • Participants receive a pink photo album filled with images from their session and a letter from their future selves. This serves as a tangible reminder of their resilience and strength.
  • Only approved photos are shared through an online gallery system, with any further sharing left to the discretion of the survivor.

For more information or to participate, you can reach out to Becca at [email protected].

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